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Hi, my name is Gail and myself and my family moved to be by the Sea in Porthcawl, South Wales in 2014.

 About 6 months after we moved here I discovered Sea Glass.

 I couldn't help but fall in love when I found my first sparkling little gem in the sand.

Sea Glass comes from broken glass that has ended up in the sea and has been created by the tumbling action of the sea and sand over many, many years.

Sea Glass is also known as Mermaid Tears which originates from a myth that for every time a life was lost at sea, the Mermaids would cry and the Sea Glass were their tears washing up on the shoreline.

 I love this story and who knows ???

 We love nothing more than taking our dog for a walk and treasure hunting for Sea Glass, Driftwood and all sorts of unusual bits and bobs. One thing that has also become a big passion of ours is Beach Cleaning, the rubbish that can end up on our beaches is heartbreaking. The dangers to the environment, our sea life and wildlife is terrifying, so we do our best to pick up as much as possible. I strongly encourage everybody to take a bag with you and pick some rubbish up and bin it the next time you enjoy a day out - every little helps so much, whether at the beach, countryside or town.

I have always had a passion for jewellery and Arts & Crafts, so to create my own little business of Handmade Sea Glass Jewellery and gifts has become my dream come true.

I personally don't tumble any Sea Glass that I find so that the beauty and energy of the sea is kept alive in all that I create. Mother Nature creates the most beautiful frostiness and smoothness to the glass that was discarded a long time ago by humans. Rubbish that has been transformed into something beautiful and up-cycled by the sea itself.

My inspiration comes from the beach, sea, sand, nature and wildlife. I love the freedom of wire wrapping the Sea Glass in 925 Sterling Silver or Silver Plate Wire to show it off as a unique piece of jewellery at its best.

"Shaped by the sea, Designed by me"

Everything I create is truly One Of A Kind  as there will only ever be that One piece of Sea Glass.

Enjoy Your Treasure Hunt


Sea Glass Stacker Fun
Green Sea Glass
Bonfire Sea Glass
Super Rare Pink
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