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It is advisable to store your jewellery away when not being worn, in a clean dry place away from direct sun exposure and other atmospheric elements.

Skin and Hair products such as moisturiser, perfume, hairspray and creams can react adversely with jewellery causing tarnishing and erosion. I advise that jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Sea Glass is glass, so please take care when wearing as a very hard knock could shatter the glass. I advise that you do not wear during washing, swimming, exercising or during extreme sports to help avoid damage or breaking.

I recommend cleaning tarnished silver ( dulled or blacked ) with a Silver Jewellery Liquid cleaner, available at most jewellers and online. Please follow the manufacturers instructions to clean.

To clean Sea Glass I advise simply washing it in warm water with a small drop of washing up liquid. Use a small soft brush

( e.g toothbrush ) and gently work into small areas to remove any dirt, rinse off in warm water and dry gently with a soft smooth cloth.

If you would like to create a gentle shine and depth to your Sea Glass, put a very small dot of High Grade Olive OIl or Baby Oil on a clean cloth and work in gently to the Sea Glass. Please gently buff/polish the oil with another clean cloth to remove all residue so as not to damage your clothing. I tend to do this with green or brown Sea Glass as it really accentuates the colour. You will also find that the natural oils in your skin can do this over time.

If you prefer the frosty effect of Sea Glass then please follow the care instructions listed further above to clean the Sea Glass

Please be advised that my Sea Glass jewellery is not suitable for children and should be stored out of reach to avoid the risk of swallowing or any unnecessary accidents or damage.


I hope this information helps you in keeping your Beautiful Welsh Sea Glass Jewellery as good as new :-)


If there is anything you are unsure of please contact me and I'll try to help you find a solution.


Many Thanks



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