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  • Is your Sea Glass Authentic?
    Yes it is. I beachcomb for treasures most days while walking my dog on our local beaches mainly in Porthcawl, South Wales ( U.K ) and occasionally other local beaches.
  • Why does Sea Glass vary in size, colour and appearance ?"
    Sea Glass comes from discarded glass that has entered the sea many, many years ago. Over time the tumbling action of the sea and sand smooth, chip & break down the glass to all sorts of shapes and sizes, creating the magical, unique gem that I love to find. The colour of the Sea Glass really can depend from what it was originally - mainly bottles, glasses and tableware.
  • How do you clean & grade your Sea Glass ?
    I soak my Sea Glass in anti bacterial washing up liquid and very hot water for several hours before removing, drying then sorting. I grade our Sea Glass into 3 levels :- Grade A - Perfect - Near Perfect ( Completely frosted, one to two miniscule chips that are not noticeable ) I use Grade A in any Sterling Silver Jewellery that I create. Grade B - A couple of small, visible chips, but still beautifully smooth and frosted in appearance. I use Grade B in any Silver Plated Jewellery that I create. Grade C - Very visibly chipped and uneven, but not sharp or dangerous to touch. I use Grade C for Bookmarks, Keyrings, pictures etc.
  • What Sterling Silver Wire do you use to make the jewellery ?
    I only ever use British 925 Sterling Silver purchased from bullion dealers in the U.K.
  • How do I clean my jewellery ?
    I use Silver Jewellery cleaning fluid if the Sterling Silver has tarnished or dulled. If you wish to add a shine to your Sea Glass then I use a very small dot of a high grade Olive oil and work into the sea glass, I then buff/rub thoroughly but very gently to remove any excess oil so as not to mark clothes whilst being worn. I personally prefer this technique on darker colour sea glass.You can find that over time, natural oils in the skin can create the same effect, if you prefer the frosty finish then just clean your sea glass in hot, soapy water and a small brush ( e.g - a toothbrush ) and then dry thoroughly.
  • How do I care for my Sea Glass Jewellery ?
    It is important to correctly care for any jewellery to keep it looking as good as new. I suggest that you remove any jewellery before Swimming, Sunbathing, Spraying hairspray or other hair products and perfume,putting on lotions,creams and make up. It is best if you make it part of your daily routine The Last thing you put on when you get up and ready for the day/night and the First thing you take off at bedtime.
  • Are you on any social media ?
    Yes, you will find me on Facebook and Instagram
  • Do you clean the driftwood that you use ?
    Yes. All of my driftwood is submerged soaked in a very mild bleach/water solution for a minimum of 2 weeks. This ensures any bacteria and micro-organisms are destroyed. This process is not done to 'bleach' the driftwood as I love the natural look when beachcombing. The driftwood is then dried out naturally over several weeks/months, then divided into similar size, style to be used down the line.
  • Do you take pebbles off the beach ?
    No. It is actually against the law to remove pebbles from beaches within - the highest, highest tideline to 10 metres into the sea at lowest tideline. I am lucky to have discovered some areas well above the highest tideline to forage about.
  • Do you help clean the beaches ?
    Yes. We always try and clear some rubbish off the beaches during any beachcombing expedition or dog walk. Sometimes there is so much rubbish washed in that I don't worry about treasure hunting and just spend a couple of hours trying to remove as much rubbish as possible. If you ever go on a walk down a beach or the countryside - take a carrier bag with you to pick some rubbish up and then bin it. You can help stop all this plastic waste polluting our wildlife whether in the country, rivers or seas :-) EVERY LITTLE HELPS
  • Why can't I return Earrings ?
    Unfortunately due to hygiene laws - I'm unable to accept returns on Earrings. The exception to this is if an extremely unlikely situation they become faulty.

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