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Sea Glass Trinkets 'n' Treasure

Unique Welsh Silver Sea Glass Jewellery Gifts
Pebble Art Pictures & Driftwood Gifts



We love to Recycle
 Nature's Gifts From The Sea

Hi, my name is Gail and myself and my family moved to be by the sea in Porthcawl, South Wales in 2014.

We are passionate about helping our environment, so we regularly beach-clean on our woofwalk treasure hunting missions to help reduce the pollution in the sea and on our beaches, that in turn helps the lives of our Wildlife and Sea life.

Every single creation whether Jewellery, a Pebble Art Picture or a Driftwood gift is completely unique and cannot be replicated, you will find there is an energy within, that is charged by the power of the sea, which makes it exciting, fresh and beautiful.

"Shaped By The Sea, Designed By Me"

We love that we recycle the treasures that Mother Nature gifts us and that we are ECO friendly by using 100% Recycled Sterling Silver Wire also using recycled tissue, boxes and packaging to reduce our impact in the world. 

Sea Glass also known as Mermaids Tears has been created from broken glass discarded many decades ago, being tumbled around the bottom of the ocean, slowly smoothing and frosting the glass naturally.

The beautiful myth says

"For every soul lost at sea, the Mermaids would cry and that the Sea Glass were their tears washing up on the shoreline "

I believe in Mermaids - do you ? 

My Mermaid Rosie
Beach Cleaning

Natural Rough Crystals

Have you ever wanted a special piece of jewellery made with the Sea Glass or Crystals you have found ?

Or a unique personalised picture or gift ?

All you have to do is message me and we can have a chat, then I can create that perfect item for you. I communicate with photographs throughout our journey so that you can put your personal touch to the finished product.

I guarantee you will be 'Over The Moon'

Newton, Porthcawl
My Market Stall
Moonlit Beach
Bioluminescent Plankton
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